Who I am ?

Hello and welcome to Marok Studio where i make high end images that help to promote your projects and share your vision with the world.

I’ am Marouane Okba Junior Interior Designer based in Budapest, i am highly skilled in the field of 3D CGI and i have an education in Design architectural visualization with 10 years of experience in the Interior renderingExterior rendering. I started my career out in 2005 as Web Developer, Graphic Designer over 8 years.

Purpose ?

My purpose is to provide 3d rendering services for planning and marketing purposes, Product Owner, Interior designer, architect, investors and real estate agents might need a series of beautiful images for a Real Estate projects, brochures selling off-plan.

My origin ?

I’m from morocco, a country who has inspired countless artists and writers and architects with colors and architectural that culture reflects, the Berber and Arab Muslims influences represented by The elegance of Islamic features is blended in and adapted into buildings and interior designs such as the use of tiling (Zellij), fountains, geometric design and floral motifs.

My life between Hungary, Italy and Morocco, the amazing thing about that being able to call many places home and really experiencing different cultures and societies. I consider it priceless 🙂

CG Artist Skills

C4d / SketchUp / Vray / Corona
Adobe Ps / Adobe Lr / Adobe Ai / Adobe Id
Premiere Pro / After effects / Lumion
3dsMax / substance painter / Marvelous Designer
Unreal Engine